ventor's of The Muppet Christmas Carol

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Not only is this one of the better Muppet films, but as an adaptation of Charles Dickens' original classic; this also shines as one of the better examples to date. The puppetry of Frank Oz and Brian Hensen surely would have made his father quite proud. All the characters are put in the roles you would guess at before even watching this. That is, except for Gonzo. He is placed in what most would consider a role completely opposite his character. However his role as narrator and author of the story was put together in a humorous/zany way in which he and Rizzo the rat play off each other throughout the film. A decent balance of seriousness, heart and humor and quick pacing make this an excellent film for both adults and children. I watch this every year. Just found out that the DVD release I own (On the Full screen option) is the only release to have a song that was cut by Disney, in which Scrooges fiance sings. The song is reprized, in part, at the ending of the film by all the characters. It is nice that Brian was able to get this song back in despite Disney's foolishness. This is definitely worth your time.
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