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Very much a product of the '90s, but I mean that in the best possible way. "Stargate" can basically be summed up as an attempt to combine elements from Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Obviously, it doesn't quite attain that rather lofty goal, but it's not a failure, either. In fact, even 20 years later, it's a surprisingly fun sci-fi adventure flick with some really nice, evocative, "Raiders of the Lost Ark"-ish visuals, nifty practical effects, and a great cast filling bizarre roles (James Spader as a geeky linguist, Kurt Russell as a disaffected military man, and the dude from "The Crying Game" as an evil alien pharaoh...). Given everything it had going for it, it's honestly kind of too bad this didn't spawn a sequel or two. But hey, it did spawn a couple TV series, so there's always that, I guess. For fans of egyptology, Doc Savage-esque scientist-adventurers, the planet Tatooine, or anything in the vein of Indiana Jones or the Stephen Sommers "Mummy," etc.
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