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It might seem a little strange to say given the (current) 98 percent WYT rating this movie has, but in light of the recent success of Disney's newer animated princess movie, "Frozen," it seems like "Tangled" might be a little underrated. Don't get me wrong -- I think "Frozen" is excellent, too, but some of the praise it's gotten maybe belonged to "Tangled" first, including the claim that this could be a new golden age for Disney Animation. Is "Tangled" as good as the Disney Renaissance-era musicals like "Beauty and the Beast" and "Aladdin"? Probably not, but it's getting awfully close. The animation, the music, the characters, the acting, the writing -- they're all up to classic Disney standards. Where "Tangled" really succeeds, though, is in the way it managed to bring the Disney princess into the 21st century, showing that the feature genre the company built its reputation on is far from dead. Without "Tangled," there's no question "Frozen" wouldn't have been possible. And honestly, I'm not sure that I don't like "Tangled" better still.
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