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Like "Thor," "Captain America: The First Avenger" deserves to be seen just because it plays such a crucial part in the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe. Also like "Thor," though, it's not quite the home run fans might've hoped for. Thankfully -- and to my great surprise -- Chris Evans as Captain America is actually one of the best parts of the movie. Previously known for his snarky, smart aleck roles (like Johnny Storm in Fox's Fantastic Four movies), I was glad to see that he played the character as totally sincere and idealistic -- just the way Cap is supposed to be. A lot of the rest of the cast, though, is kind of wasted. Who even remembers that Tommy Lee Jones is in it? And the Red Skull has to be one of the more forgettable Marvel villains, which is unfortunate, since in the comics he's Captain America's Joker. Not a great first movie, but at least it succeeds in the most important parts (like the casting of Steve Rogers and the WWII setting for his origin story) and set the stage for better movies down the road.
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