Ken's Review of Iron Man 3

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I read some reviews that stated the movie was slow/boring until the final battle scene. I completely disagree. I think the movie itself was very engaging and interesting, but the final battle went over-the-top and actually detracted from the rest of the film. I do agree with other reviewers that the villians were a bit over-powered, but it is a super hero flick and I did my best to let that go. Other than said power, I was impressed with the character and motivation of the villain. I also felt that there were several positive moral lessons in the movie, which was a pleasant surprise. As an action flick, the movie does contain quite a bit of violence and killing. As a movie about Tony Stark, it also includes inferences to being a billionaire playboy. There are several brief scenes of women in bikinis and some references to drug use. I do, however, feel that even young teens can handle the content without issue.
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