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Here's the thing with the Iron Man movies. Each movie progresses with film making and technology for the visuals so each merits at least one watch if not several. This movie showed some serious progression in the suits and Robert Downey Jr. doesn't miss a beat as Tony Stark. I'm under the opinion that the entire movie was entertaining, had fun dialogue, and we really see Tony Stark in a new light. We've known he's awesome with the suit on and great at building stuff but this movie shows his genius from an extemporaneous side. Some things about the villains were brilliant, mainly their strategy with the media and exposure and ruling from a distance. But other things were a bit too farfetched. The extreme amounts of heat and how much their bodies could take before they died was somewhat ludicrous. I felt like I was watching the T-1000 from Terminator. They just wouldn't die! There are some scenes with women in bikinis and revealing night gowns, but for the most part, the sexuality isn't a huge issue. The violence on the other hand is more mature but puts on a nice facade of being appropriate for younger crowds because of the impressive visuals. That's my take on it.
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