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I enjoyed this movie immensely. Granted, there were moments when I thought it was never going to end as well. The approach to showing the roots of Ka'el, a.k.a. Superman are fascinating and well done. The film does a superb job in my eyes of painting a picture of morals in society and what is right/wrong. It discusses several important themes like bullying, friendship, and ultimately hope. Even though many of the fight scenes were too long and minimized some of that message, I left the film feeling a refreshed sense of hope, that all people have good in them if we take the time to understand who they are and what their purpose is. Overall well worth a watch. Parent's note: As several others have mentioned, there is a lot of violence. Bullying occurs early in the film, and a lot of combat ensues, both fist to fist and also with weapons. The violence does not show a lot of gore. There is very limited sexuality or profanity in the film. Avoid it with young children in my opinion.
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