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The movie that everyone should have seen last summer but probably didn't. Not sure why either. Strong story, great humor, memorable characters, great animation and very entertaining. This is one of Dreamworks stronger titles. Like the parables of Christ, where there was a simple understanding and then a deeper interpretation; the Croods has all the razzle-dazzle and simple humor of these cave people. Then it has a a deeper message of coming out of the dark, learning a better way to live and finding true fulfillment and happiness. This message strikes a chord with anyone who is seeking happiness in their own life. The deeper message of this film will cause you to reflect, "Am I living in darkness and ignorance? or is there something better for me?" For LDS people the family struggling together and then finally coming together in the end should have a supremely deep and positive message. I know that is not what the directors/writers/producers were going for when this was released, but it is a message that can be drawn from this film. So why did people not go see this? I blame it on the marketing. The name of the film for starters.'The Croods" is easily interpreted as 'crude', which is what I assumed it would be when I first saw the previews. There is actually very little about this film that is crude or vulgar in any way. This is amazing because they could have easily taken it that direction, as so many have before. I think they could have easily come up with a title that plays on the deeper meaning of the film. But they didn't. Not saying this is the only reason the film wasn't an astounding success, but I think it is one reason. Not sure why this is PG. There are a ton of Disney movies that are a G-rating with a ton more violence and frightening imagery than this film. I personally give this a G rating. This film is suitable for all age levels. Your children will enjoy it for the entertainment value. Adults will enjoy it for the that, and the deeper message. Do see this and own it.
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