Bob's Review of Star Trek Into Darkness

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ages 13+ | Worth Your Time

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Entertaining, action packed, more action, and did I already mention action? It's also comical, and fun. The humor in this movie is just right and provides for some laughs amongst the action. The reason I've mentioned action five times now is because the movie provides so much of it that it's actually hard to pinpoint which scene is the climax. Don't get me wrong. I really enjoyed this film and would recommend it to others. I just personally felt like many of the scenes were competing for attention in the overall film because of so much action (sixth mention now). Parents should know that there is a scene that implies Kirk slept with some alien women and one scene with which we see a female changing her clothes and she's in her underwear. Although the context isn't sexual, the underwear she's wearing and the full body shot make it very apparent that Hollywood put that scene it there for attention. Not to justify them, but both scenes described here are very brief and the movie moves on quickly. Might I say that Cumberbatch seriously rocked this movie. When you start to get a bit sick of Chris Pine's style, Cumberbatch takes things to a whole new level. He was the star of the show.
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