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This is the Trek film that defines the celebrated friendship of James T. Kirk and the always logical Mr. Spock. It throws itself into every danger and moral grey area it can collide into, so when these two characters walk out on the other side, broken, bruised, and leaning only on each other’s strength, every crazy act they commit in the name of friendship going forward will seem totally reasonable. The new direction and origin stories defined in this latest, though still set before the first episode of the TV series, adventure, will definitely offend a few devout fans of the classic series. But underneath their gritting teeth, even the purists will probably admit this was a really fun ride and otherwise great science fiction film. “Into Darkness” earns its PG-13 rating mostly due to a few violent scenes and the continuous stream of sci-fi action. The most disturbing moments aren’t visually graphic, but suggestive and handled with off-camera sound effects. Language and sexual references are present but minimal, and a single scene dealing with an immodest crew member is far less titillating than the trailers might want you to believe.
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