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ages 12+ | Worth Your Time

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Star Trek Into Darkness takes us back into altered timeline of J.J. Abrams vision of the Star Trek franchise's first Captain, ship and crew. The Enterprise picks up with Jame T. Kirk being Kirk as he disobeys a primary objective that costs him his rank and his ship, the Enterprise, but before long he's thrust back into the chair as he and all of earth are faced with a villain that has no sympathy for either the planet or Kirk. As the crew of the Enterprise scramble to deal with an unknown villain, they are forced to make risky decisions in who they can trust and ask for help to save themselves, all of earth and possibly all of the StarFleet Federation. This film is incredible in 2D or 3D, and probably even better in IMAX 3D. The visuals inside the Enterprise, outside of it, in space, on other worlds and even on a future earth are stunning, yet believable. The story is easy to follow, but features a great set of complicated characters facing their own struggles, which help or hinder them (and sometimes others) throughout the course of the film. The action ranges from the minute close-quartered to the grande-scale and it is a fun experience to watch on both ends of the spectrum and everything that falls in between. If you've bought into J.J. timeline reset, from the first film, you should easily and thoroughly enjoy this sequel.
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