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If you like the Die Hard recipe where everything that possibly can go wrong does go wrong and it's up to one man to save everyone, then this is your flick! If not, then don't waste your time. It is absurd thinking about whether things could ever happen the way they do in this film, because there is a serious lack of realism presented here. Though there are several plot holes and acting is average at best, there are some great one liners and plenty of action. It was certainly worth a $1 redbox rental to me. It won't play with heart strings or even deliver much meaning to your life, but it will entertain you if you like action flicks. Parent's note: there is a lot of violence! Several people get shot on screen, necks are broken, and many people are threatened at gun point. There is one very noticeable use of the 'F Bomb' as well. Safe in my opinion for 14+.
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