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I had to keep telling myself that this was a kids' movie - and once this concept was thoroughly beat into my critical mind, I liked this movie a lot. One reason I struggled: as soon as the bad guy in disguise showed up, I said to my incredulous son, "he's a bad guy." Sure enough, that tired old plot device didn't fail me. As soon as the male and female protagonists met and hated each other I told him, "they will fall in love." Right again. Four decades of movie watching makes these "surprises" seem lame, but they blew my son's mind. I got over it. I struggled also with all of the cheesey music, but I've been told that my disdain for musicals (which is well-documented on ok.com) is not entirely objective. The movie was charming with great artwork and charismatic, engaging characters. The Hans Christian Anderson-esque story had a magical fairy tale vibe. And as with most Disney films, the humor was tasteful, clever, and hit the mark every time. Overall a great, entertaining movie worth your family's time. B+
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