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I am a football fan by nature, but the girl I saw it with was not. Yet there was more to this show then simply football hype. Kevin Costner, the GM of the browns in this film, is trying to balance several life altering events in his life while also handling his responsibilities on the day of the 2014 NFL draft. There is a surprising amount of humor in the show, which at many times moves along quite slowly and other times very rapidly, eventually building to an appropriate ending. There is nothing to write home about here, but overall it was worth a watch. Most people will probably be content waiting until it hits a Redbox. Parent's note: rating is due to profanity. Several instances of the Lord's name in vain as well as other curse words, with one very obvious F bomb. Some anger responses as well (throws a computer against a wall), which is overall pretty mild. Some name calling as well.
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