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ages 8+ | Worth Your Time

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Just watched this on DVD and was pleasantly surprised. The animation quality is top-notch. I have no doubts this would have made money in the 90s had it been released in theaters during that time. The time frame of this film is a period of time right after Bambi's mother is shot. Much of what takes place is quite predictable with Bambi and his father having conflicts, revolving around their own developing relationship. There are also some scenes and lines that seem a little too much like a few of the scenes in the Lion King and The land Before Time. But the humor music and animation is presented so well, that you may forgive the film for these inadequacies. Those who are fans of the 1st film will enjoy this. Children may or may not like it depending on what they're in to. I give this a PG for some violence, bullying and fart jokes, that were hinted at in the 1st film, but are fully utilized in this one.
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