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If the setup sounds familiar, you may have seen the original Going In Style from 1979. This new rendition seems to move a little faster and focus more on the humor. It also goes to greater lengths to engender our empathy for these old guys. All are necessary ingredients if the script wants audiences to condone what is otherwise a very serious crime. Both depicted robberies involve gunplay—although our elderly gentlemen, after training on a firing range for days, opt for blanks in their pistols. Yet, for the depicted employees and patrons caught in the crosshairs, it really isn’t a laughing matter. And, like most geriatric comedies, there are several jokes fired involving the effects of aging on sexual abilities and other bodily functions. Albert, perhaps the nimblest of the three, is seen romancing a woman in her bedroom on a couple of occasions. As well, the dialogue is riddled with profanities, and a sexual expletive is used once. Perhaps more unexpected is the inclusion of these gents stumbling into the marijuana business and getting high after smoking pot.
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