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Movie Title: Captain Underpants Grade: B+ Rating: PG, 84 minutes In a Nutshell: As a mother of four sons, I’m quite familiar with the Captain Underpants universe. If you are too, then you pretty much know what you’re walking into here: an endless string of potty humor. Even the character Harold admits, “I didn’t know if it was good weird or bad weird.” It’s actually a good weird, as well as surprisingly smart and clever, giving kids all the colorful fun and shenanigans they want, while making parents laugh too. Uplifting theme: • Friendship • Imagination • Pranks of kindness are the best kinds of pranks. Things I liked: • Three different kinds of animation are featured during various parts and they all work really well together. • Some of the visual gags are really cute and funny. • Some of the dialogue is actually clever and entertaining for parents who have to sit through this. • I love details and this fun flick has plenty of them. • There are plenty of Easter Eggs for kids and parents who are fans of the books. • Fast-moving, perfect for little kids. • Oh, to have as much enthusiasm as Captain Underpants…la la LA! • Keep watching after the rolling credits for another funny clip. • There’s a zippy Weird Al song that the kids will love. • Kevin Hart often annoys me, but he was cute and funny in this. • Voice talents include Ed Helms, Nick Kroll, Jordan Peele, Brian Posehn, and Kristen Schaal. • The movie is pretty true to the source material. Any time a movie makes a kid want to read a book, it’s a great triumph. • With names like Professor Poopy Pants, Dr. Diaper, and Bionic Booger Boy, it’s clear the author loves alliteration. Me too. Things I didn’t like: • One of the female instructors looked and talked exactly like Roz on Monsters Inc., a total rip-off. • Super clichéd, one-dimensional characters and stereotypes. Of course, that’s how kids see adults. • There is a short, terrible musical number about Saturday. • Lots of farts, burps, and other immature humor. Harold admits, “That is like the lowest form of comedy.” Funny lines: • “Separate classes? I’ll never see you again in my life!” – Harold Tips for parents: • Your kids might actually get ideas for pranks they could pull at school. • Parents will roll their eyes and giggle at the same time. • Your kids will probably think potty humor is even funnier now. MOVIE REVIEW MOM @trinaboice
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