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Silver Linings Playbook Silver Linings Playbook


Silver Linings Playbook

Mature 17+ | 87% Say It's Worth Your Time

After losing his job and wife, and spending time in a mental institution, Pat Solatano (Bradley Cooper) winds up living with his parents (Robert De Niro, Jacki Weaver). He wants to rebuild his life and reunite with his wife, but his parents would be happy if he just shared their obsession with the Philadelphia Eagles. Things get complicated when Pat meets Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), who offers to help him reconnect with his wife, if he will do something very important for her in exchange.

Runtime: 2 hr 2 min

Genre: Comedy

Director: David Russell

Producer: Harvey Weinstein, Bob Weinstein, Bradley Cooper, Jonathan Gordon, Bruce Cohen, Donna Gigliotti, Michelle Raimo, George Para

Cast: Chris Tucker, Dash Mihok, Jacki Weaver, Robert De Niro, John Ortiz, Julia Stiles, Anupam Kher, Shea Whigham, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence


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Rated R Some Sexual Content/Nudity|Language

  • 5 of 10 Sex & Nudity
  • 4 of 10 Violence & Gore
  • 10 of 10 Profanity

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  • britt124 (Female)

    ages 16+ | Worth Your Time

    first i'd like to say that the language in this move is horrendous! it does however contribute to the characters identities as those stricken with the various mental illnesses portrayed. there is also unecissary brief nudity.
    that being said, while not what i would consider a family film, i thought this film was a fantastic portrayal of a family's struggle with mental illness with a heart warming (albeit predictable) resolution to the story. i feel the ending cheapened the message the rest of the movie was trying to send, but enjoyed it nonetheless. it really was worthwhile and moving.

    January 28th, 2013 · Details
    4 Thanks ·
  • TimeForAMovie (Male)

    Mature 18+ | Worth Your Time

    I caught the airplane-edited version on a Delta flight and couldn't have been happier with the movie. This is a charming film revolving around mental illness -- strange as that sounds. But it's really not "about" mental illness. It's really about love - the love and challenges of a marriage, the unconditional love of parents to their children, the fickle love of friends and neighbors, and the blossoming of true love that hinges on understanding and giving. Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper drive this movie, but De Niro, Chris Tucker, and a handful of other supporting actors steal the show with comedic pepper to season the serious themes. I couldn't stop smiling after watching this one.

    A note about the airplane version: The profanity was obvious throughout the movie as lips moved but words were silenced or replaced. The subject is serious, authentic, and demands a mature audience, but it's still nice not to have to listen to so much garbage. I wish this version were available to buy, because I would buy it.

    March 10th, 2013 · Details
    3 Thanks ·
  • Jim (Male)

    Mature 18+ | Not Worth Your Time

    This is a girl show that could have done with about 72 less eff words. While I liked the quirky characters and their humor (somewhat Wes Anderson-ish), this film wasn't good enough to forgive the "chick-flick" formula it unabashedly clings to. I didn't really understand or agree with the motivation to include an onslaught of profanity for 2 hours.

    DeNiro was amazing, as good as I've seen him. The other performances were also good, and the screenplay oozed with personality and charisma.

    If you're big into chick flicks, and I mean really big, you may want to see this. Otherwise don't waste your time. Kids should avoid this at all costs.

    May 13th, 2013 · Details
    1 Thank ·
  • TheFireWolf (Male)

    ages 16+ |

    So I saw...Silver Linings Playbook
    First of all this movie is interesting and genuine. The people in it are intense in what they think and what they feel, which is how natural people react. The love story is genuine and builds up slowly. The plot is a cliche chick flick I'll grant that, but this has a hard edge because the issues these people are facing are more realisitic than most chick flicks. On the other hand. This film is porfane, there is so much swearing in this film that it can't be recommended to younger teens in good faith. Worth at least a rental.

    May 13th, 2013 · Details
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  • moviechick17 (Female)

    ages 16+ | Worth Your Time

    I Just Saw This Movie And It's Amazing :D The Whole Cast Is Fun & Great With Lots Of Scenes That Will Make You Cry And Laugh. I Love Bradley Cooper's Character. He Really Makes The Movie Special and So Does Jennifer Lawrence. Her Character Is Strong and Powerful Woman And, David O Russell Does A Great Job Directing :D This Movie Isn't Silver...It's Pure Gold :D

    February 17th, 2013 · Details
    1 Thank ·
  • NellMinow (Female) Movie Mom

    Mature 17+ | Worth Your Time

    Parents should know that this film includes a lot of very strong and profane language, sexual references (some explicit), family dysfunction and mental illness, drinking... See Full Review

    January 28th, 2013 · Details
    1 Thank ·
  • Christy.Hurlman (Female)

    ages 16+ | Worth Your Time

    Great Chic Flick! Lots of fun. Grab a group of your bestest gals and have a movie fun night! Great energy. Exciting story, where you are just cheering for the main characters, who are such wonderfully and perfectly broken people that you love dearly! Get that group together this week!! A MUST see! <3

    December 25th, 2012 · Details
    1 Thank ·
  • ninerneale (Male)

    ages 16+ | Worth Your Time

    This is an odd movie that actually delivers in the end and I would for sure recommend for a couples night to stay in and enjoy a movie.

    September 9th, 2013 · Details
  • Clearplay

    ages 16+ | Worth Your Time

    Whatever storminess is in SLP is purely intentional. The movie walks a fine line between comedy and tragedy, keeping the conflicts focused on character. Wonderful acting by Cooper and Oscar–winner Lawrence add to this strong dark comedy... See Full Review

    August 8th, 2013 · Details
  • ShoeGirl (Female)

    No Maturity Rating | Not Worth Your Time

    So boring that I couldn't even finish it, which was disappointing as it had a great cast.

    June 10th, 2013 · Details
  • Gumpee (Male)

    ages 16+ | Worth Your Time

    I had never seen commercials for this movie. I had no idea what it was about when I went and picked it up from the RedBox. The movie starts our with Pat in Rehab trying to get over some issues that he has faced in life. He meets Tiffany who he thinks he needs to help because he thinks she is crazier than him. They end up helping each other.

    This movie is very slow moving and a bit more on the serious side. There is a lot of emotions that go through this movie. It makes you want to understand why the people in this movie think the way that they do, and you wonder if there are really people out there like that.

    The movie has some great acting in it. I like the story line and I like that it shows no matter how hard life can be, you can make your life better. The path that leads to a better life isnt always smooth, but it can get better. We should never give up, and we should follow our hearts.

    The movie has some strong language. Drops the "F" bomb a few times. If it had cleaner language the movie could have easily been pg-13. There are no sex scenes however this is mention of sex. Overall I liked this movie. It was very predictable and you knew what was going to happen from the beginning. I would add it to my collection.

    May 25th, 2013 · Details
  • MikeVanbiguous (Male)

    ages 15+ | Worth Your Time

    If you can't handle F words you in all honesty need to grow up. This movie delves into difficult topics concerning the human condition, avoids cliche, and still remains heartwarming. One of the best movies of the last year easily.

    May 19th, 2013 · Details
  • kevin.daughtrey (Male)

    No Maturity Rating | Worth Your Time

    Amazing! Follows Joseph Campbell's hero's journey while adapting Erik Erikson's eight pyscho-stages of development. By all critical standards this movie is perfect. I highly recommend it

    May 5th, 2013 · Details
  • LisaK (Female)

    ages 16+ | Worth Your Time

    Calling this a "romantic comedy" is a misnomer. This is a story about two people facing their problems and being mature enough to identify them. Jennifer Lawrence is amazing and beautiful and so fun to watch. This movie is an instant classic in my book.

    April 2nd, 2013 · Details
  • emsnedds (Female)

    Mature 17+ | Worth Your Time

    Love Love Love this movie! I do not suggest this movie for teens under 16 however this movie is quirky and funny. I've never seen any movie like this. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are amazing actors for the roles of slightly insane and in love characters. This movie catches you off guard and makes you happy you took the time to watch it.

    February 8th, 2013 · Details
  • travlucas (Male)

    Mature 18+ | Worth Your Time

    Pretty raunchy but I still liked it.

    February 7th, 2013 · Details
  • JohnMulderig (Male) Catholic News Service

    Mature 18+ | Worth Your Time

    The film contains brief glimpses of a violent assault, fleeting rear and partial female nudity, some profane language, frequent crude and crass terms and sexual innuendo... See Full Review

    January 28th, 2013 · Details
  • BillGoodykoontz (Male) Arizona Republic

    No Maturity Rating | Worth Your Time

    For a movie that seems at times to have no idea what it’s trying to do, “Silver Linings Playbook” is compulsively watchable... See Full Review

    January 28th, 2013 · Details
  • LisaSchwarzbaum (Female) Entertainment Weekly

    No Maturity Rating | Worth Your Time

    The movie is lit with a love that catches the viewer by surprise. We're ready for the comedy of craziness, but the depth of compassion is the movie's silver lining... See Full Review

    January 28th, 2013 · Details
  • ClaudiaPuig (Female) USA TODAY

    No Maturity Rating | Worth Your Time

    Tapping into the eternal optimist in all of us, Silver Linings finds humor and redemption in dysfunctional families, mental illness and infidelity... See Full Review

    January 28th, 2013 · Details
  • RogerEbert (Male) Chicago Sun-Times Critic

    No Maturity Rating | Worth Your Time

    "Silver Linings Playbook" is so good, it could almost be a terrific old classic... See Full Review

    January 28th, 2013 · Details
  • matthew.hansen.754 (Male)

    Mature 17+ | Worth Your Time

    Few films cover mental illness. Last one I can think of was Its Kind of a Funny Story about a year ago. Silver Linings Playbook was a heartwarming film about a few family members and friends with different mental illnesses or problems and how they deal with them. Bradley Cooper's character has bipolar and we see everything from high to lows with yelling outbursts at 4 in the morning. De Niro's OCD is interesting and funny as well. Amid this study of mental illness blossoms a romantic comedy and makes you care about the characters and what is going on. Silver Linings ends up being a feel-good movie with a good message about finding the good in life and its situations - ie the Silver Linings. So go see it, you might be surprised at how good you might feel after leaving the theater. Excelsior! In regards to the rating, it is mostly for language, the f-word is used several times throughout the film. The sexual content/nudity refers to flashback scenes of a couple in a shower. You see the female's backside through an opaque shower curtain and the moments this is seen during these brief scenes are very quick. Overall I really enjoyed this film!

    November 1st, 2012 · Details

Okfor ages12+