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The Purple Rose of Cairo The Purple Rose of Cairo


The Purple Rose of Cairo

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Unhappily married Depression-era waitress Cecilia (Mia Farrow) earns the money while her inattentive husband, Monk (Danny Aiello), blows their meager income on getting drunk and gambling. To assuage her loneliness, Cecilia escapes to the picture show and becomes transfixed with the movie "The Purple Rose of Cairo," and especially with its lead character, archeologist Tom Baxter (Jeff Daniels). When Tom literally steps off of the screen and into her life, both realities are thrown into chaos.

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Genre: Comedy

Director: Woody Allen

Producer: Robert Greenhut

Cast: Danny Aiello, Jeff Daniels, Deborah Rush, Dianne Wiest, John Rothman, John Wood, Van Johnson, Mia Farrow, Milo O'Shea, Stephanie Farrow, Zoe Caldwell, Irving Metzman


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